Malta Pets on Life & Style Weekend - Dog Bathing & Grooming

Saturday, 12 October 2019  |  Admin

We were invited to do a segment on Life & Style Weekend about dog bathing and grooming so me and Spadger packed up our brushes and set off to meet host Lea Hogg to talk all things soft and shiny, lol.

Malta Pets on Life & Style Weekend - Dog Bathing & Grooming

To learn more about how I keep my dog's skin healthy and their coat shiny and smell free, watch this clip from Life & Style Weekend (aired 12th October 2019 on Net Television) with me and my dog Spadger. My dog bathing regime may surprise you laugh

The full show is available in Malta on demand here

The soft rubber brush that I used can be found here Popware Brush Buster.

Loose fur and debris are lifted and natural oils are distributed for a healthy coat. It also gives your pet a lovely skin massage. Cats love it too!

Popware Brush Buster

If you like the Red Dingo green camouflage dog collar, lead and matching harness set that my terrier is wearing, you can find it here Red Dingo Dog Harness in Camouflage Green.

Red Dingo dog accessories are known the world over for their amazing styles, comfort and durability. They never rust, fray or fade, they are fully adjustable and can be machine washed and are perfect for Malta life.

Red Dingo Dog Harness in Camouflage Green

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