Scalibor vs Canishield for Dog Protection

Tuesday, 24 September 2019  |  Admin

Any dog living or holidaying in Malta should of course have protection against the nasty and often fatal disease Leishmaniasis (spread by sandflies) and also Ehrlichiosis (spread by ticks).

My dogs have always worn a Scalibor collar but one of my friends recently told me about a similar collar that is cheaper - Beaphar Canishield.

So I thought I would compare the two. If they cover our dogs equally for everything they need to cover them for and they are a more affordable alternative, that sounds good to me.

So let's compare Scalibor Protectorband with Beaphar Canishield.

Scalibor vs Canishield

Scalibor vs Canishield

  Scalibor Canishield
Colour White Grey
Water resistant Yes Yes
Active ingredient Deltamethrin (0.76g and 1.00g) Deltamethrin (0.77g and 1.04g)
Effective after 1 week 1 week
Protection against fleas 4 months 4 months
Protection against ticks up to 6 months up to 6 months
Protection against sandfly 5 months 5.5 months
Price S/M €21.50 €16.00
Price Large €22.90 €18.00


My conclusion is that they are almost identical. The all important active chemical is the same and the level of protection is too. And price wise, the Canishield appears to be about €5 cheaper than the Scalibor. So next time, I know which one I am buying.

Both of these products are available at Central Veterinary Pharmacy. You can visit their Facebook page here CentralVetPharmacy or go to their shop.

Central Veterinary Pharmacy, Triq il-Frangiskani, Il-Hamrun

Sandfly protection - Leishmaniasis

You may have noticed that both brands only protect against sandfly for 5 or 5.5 months. So if you leave them on for the full 6 months before changing them, your dog could be 2-4 weeks without sandfly protection.

With that in mind, here is the regime I follow with my dogs * to make sure they are getting the maximum protection from these collars when it matters:

February to June wearing a protective collar (5 months)
July to November wearing a new protective collar (5 months)
December and January no collar (2 months)

I like this regime because it means my dogs are fully protected from March to November when the risks are highest and each collar only being worn for 5 months so they are fully covered against ticks and sandfly. They also get a 2 month break from the chemicals during December and January when the disease risks are low.

* My own personal opinion. I take no responsibility for anyone choosing to follow this advice.

To use - please read

Always remember to open the packet and let the collar air for 24 hours before use, out of reach of dogs or children. Then fasten it around your dog's neck with a 2 finger gap (not too loose or too tight). Cut off the excess leaving a few centimetres. I usually find some shrinkage occurs so I leave the collar excess a bit longer for the first week (about 4cm) and then cut it down further if it is still too long.

Flea protection

Please note that both of these products only provide flea protection for about 4 months. I personally prefer not to use any extra flea prevention on my dogs. Mine are wearing them primarily for tick and sandfly protection.

Cats & Puppies

Important - these products are not suitable for cats or for puppies under 8 weeks old.

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