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Sunday, 28 October 2018  |  Admin

Malta Pets are proud to support The Island Sanctuary, who selflessly help many stray, abandoned, sick and older dogs on the island. The Island Sanctuary has been in operation for over 25 years and is supported by the generous contributions of the public and a number of volunteers who dedicate their time to the running of the sanctuary and the welfare of the dogs.

The Island Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation so they depend on donations and fundraising activities to help pay water and electricity bills, maintenance of the premises, dog food, medication, vet runs and other every day running costs.

Malta Pets will soon be running a number of promotions via The Island Sanctuary, both for new adopters who visit the sanctuary and also for previous adopters and followers of their Facebook page. We will be giving discounts to The Island Sanctuary visitors so they make a saving. In addition, for any sales made using those codes we will personally give a donation from Malta Pets to the sanctuary.

The Island Sanctuary Malta

You can visit their Facebook page here

Here's how it works

You shop with us using the special Island Sanctuary codes we will start issuing soon, get something fabulous for your pets online at Malta Pets and for no extra cost you will be helping the dogs at The Island Sanctuary. Yay laugh

Every little helps

Every little helps and if there is anything else you can do, please help them if you can. It doesn't have to be money. They are in desperate need of more volunteers to help with many of the day to day activities that keep the sanctuary running and the animals fed and cared for. However, if you would like to help with a financial donation, no matter how small, please visit the The Island Sanctuary donations page.

And of course, if you are looking for a new best friend, pop along to The Island Sanctuary and meet all the lovely dogs who are looking for a forever home. Please don't believe the misconception that rescue dogs are damaged dogs. It is not true. Rescue dogs have simply been unlucky. They make amazing, loyal, wonderful companions. So don't turn away - adopt a rescue today.

When adopting, please don't forget the older dogs. They make such amazing companions and are much more suitable for many homes than younger dogs and puppies. As well as being super companions, the rewards you will feel in your heart is something money can't buy. You will be giving an oldie a chance at finally having a safe loving home, maybe for the first time in their lives. To give them a tender loving home in the final years is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Believe me, they will know you are helping them and they will repay you with more love than you can ever imagine.

The Island Sanctuary Malta - adopt a dog

The dogs can be visited at the sanctuary. Pop along or give them a call. One of their lovely team will help you find the perfect new best friend for you.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to look out for the special Island Sanctuary discount codes that we will start issuing soon. You make a saving when you shop using the code and The Island Sanctuary get a donation. It's all good yes

Thank you.

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