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Popware Brush Buster

Price:  €15.95(€13.52 Exc. VAT)

Part Number:  PW740383


The award-winning Popware range of dog bowls and accessories are incredibly innovative and designed to eliminate many pet-owning woes. Products include collapsible bowls, travel cups, food scoops and measuring cups, treat bags, travel bottles and pet brushes. The Popware brand is known and loved for it use of durable, hygienic silicone in bright, fun colours.

Popware BrushBuster Silicone Pet Brush

The Brush Buster by Popware is so much more than just a brush. Revitalise your pet's skin and coat like never before. Loose fur and debris are lifted, natural oils are distributed for a healthy coat and BrushBuster also gives your pet a lovely skin massage.

It isn't just for dogs. Cats love it too!

Its soft silicone bristles are specially designed to be effective and thorough, making fast work of dull coats and dander and helping you to deal with shedding. Your pet's skin and coat will be revitalised, healthy and shiny and your pet will feel great.

BrushBuster goes way beyond traditional cat or dog brushes. The raised tri-nibs gently massage your pet's skin while grabbing loose hair and debris. It helps control shedding and keeps coats healthy and shiny. Regular grooming will keep your pet more comfortable and clean.

BrushBuster is also a great way to relax your pet and bond with them. They will love all the attention and how great it makes them feel.

Can be used on dry or wet fur so it is great for regular grooming and bath time too.

Size: 2.5" x 4"

Popware Brush Buster silicone pet cat dog brush